Local Exhaust Ventilation Diagrams » Two-Stage Hygiene Facility

diagram of a two-stage hygiene facility highlighting the various features
Facility Function/Description
  1. The facility can be entered from the street at only one point. (A)
  2. Street clothes are removed and clean work clothes, hardhat, and respirator are issued and donned in the street side locker room. (B)
  3. The employee passes through a one-way turnstile in order to get to the plant-side locker room. (C)
  4. The employee dons work boots and other safety gear in the plant-side locker room where they are stored. (D)
  5. There is only one entry to the plant. (E)
  6. The restroom just inside the cloak room is readily accessible during working hours. (F)
  7. The cloak room provides a place to store coats, hardhats, gloves and respirators during break periods. (G)
  8. During lunch break the employee first cleans his boots at the shoe cleaning machines (H), leaves coat and equipment in the cloak room (G), vacuums off his clothes at the vacuum stations (I), proceeds to the hand washing station where he thoroughly washes his hands (J), and finally enters the lunch room. (K)
  9. At the end of the shift the procedure is as follows: the employee cleans shoes (H), removes contaminated clothing in the plant side locker room (D), stores boots, etc. in plant-side lockers, turns in dirty work clothes, hardhat and respirator to laundry (L), and proceeds to the showers. (M)  He then must pass through an automatic shower (N) to return to the street-side locker room (B), where he dresses and leaves the faculty. (A)