Local Exhaust Ventilation Diagrams » Filtered, Tempered, Supplied-Air Cab

diagram of filtered, tempered, supplied-air cab highlighting the various features

Design Characteristics

  • Q = 100 scfm/sq ft of cab cross-sectional
  • v face = 100 fpm at breathing zone
  • sp reg = typically 5-6" w.g.

Application Tips

  • Distribute air evenly across cab cross-section.
  • Provide temperature controls at operators station.
  • Provide for rapid filter change.

NIOSH articles:

  • Improved Cab Air Inlet Location Reduces Dust Levels and Air Filter Loading Rates
  • Floor Heaters Can Increase Operator's Dust Exposure in Enclosed Cabs
  • Sweeping Compound Application Reduces Dust From Soiled Floors Within Enclosed Operator Cabs