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Before You Begin
The Genius performs calculations for a respirable dust sample. If your sample is collected as a total dust sample, you will need to make adjustments to the PEL and Severity the Genius calculates.

The Advisor Genius will ask you for the following information. You should find the data on the report of results from the laboratory analysis. The first two items will be asked by pop-up screens which will appear when you begin.
  • Number of samples taken for one worker
  • Sampling and analytical error (optional - see below)
  • Total time for each air sample (in minutes)
  • Average sample pump flow rate for each air sample (in liters/minute)
  • Total weight of respirable dust collected for each sample (in milligrams)
  • Percentage of quartz
  • Percentage of cristobalite
  • Percentage of tridymite
Note:  If the laboratory report lists the silica concentrations in milligrams, then you should convert that mass to a percentage by dividing the sample weight (mg) by the dust weight (mg) and multiply the result by 100.

  • Sampling and analytical error (SAE). This parameter is optional, but, if provided, will allow the uncertainty in the actual measurements to be factored into the calculation and the calculator will give a statistical range for the exposure.

Note: The Advisor Genius has been written using JavaScript. If your software does not support this, the Genius will not operate properly.

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