Directory of Offices and Personnel


Director's Office | 202-693-2300

Director's Office
Name - Position
Lee Anne Jillings, Acting Director
Dean Lillquist, Acting Deputy Director
Cary Cohan, Management Analyst
Walter Sloane, Administrative Assistant

Cincinnati Technical Center (CTC) | 513-684-3721

Cincinnati Technical Center (CTC)
Director's Office
Name - Position
Kevin Robinson, Acting Director
Program Support
Name - Position
Kevin Robinson, Acting Program Support Manager
Teresa Mitchell, AESP Coordinator
Rick Motz, ALEP Coordinator
Deb Nielander, Inventory Management Specialist
Sandy Sands, Shipping and Receiving Clerk
Karen Sparks, AEEP Coordinator
Stephanie Wagner, Purchasing Agent
Engineering Support
Name - Position
John Schneider, Engineering Support Manager
Dennis Adams, Electronics Technician
Jennifer Blair, Electronics Technician
Jim Comp, Electronics Technician
Gerald Dogan, Electronics Technician
Alex Rundle, Electronics Engineer
Marcus Stevens, Electronics Engineer
Lee Thacker, Electronics Technician

Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness (OEMP) | 202-693-2095

Office of Emergency Management and Preparedness (OEMP)
Name - Position
Young Wheeler, Director
Todd Briggs, Program Analyst
Mishari Hanible, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Christopher Lawver, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist
Vanessa Owens, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN) | 202-693-2323

Office of Occupational Medicine and Nursing (OOMN)
Name - Position
Michael Hodgson, MD, MPH, Director
Dawn Cannon, MD, MS, Medical Officer
April Jefferies, OMEP Administrative Assistant
Harold Mungin, Health Scientist
Minda Nieblas, MD, OEMP Lead Physician
Colette Onyeador, Nurse
Andre Taylor, Health Scientist
Aaron Tustin, MD, MPH, Medical Officer
Virginia Weaver, MD, MPH, Lead Physician, OSHA Occupational Medicine Residency Rotation

Office of Science and Technology Assessment (OSTA) | 202-693-2095

Office of Science and Technology Assessment (OSTA)
Name - Position
Duvel "Bill" White, Director
Larken Akins, Safety and Occupational Health Manager
Christina Dragon, Health Scientist
Margy Lambert, Health Scientist

Office of Statistical Analysis (OSA) | 202-693-2300

Office of Statistical Analysis (OSA)
Name - Position
Elizabeth Grossman, Director
Jon Bernt, Statistician
Vanessa Holloway, Program Analyst
Mark Kitzmiller, Program Analyst
Dave Schmidt, Statistician
Miriam Schoenbaum, Statistician
Valerie Struve, Program Analyst
Mark Zak, Statistician

Office of Technical Programs and Coordination Activities (OTPCA) | 202-693-2110

Office of Technical Programs and Coordination Activities (OTPCA)
Name - Position
Thomas Hannigan, Acting Director
Keith Greenway, Electrical Engineer
Charles Haggins, Electrical Engineer
Terrance Roach, Program Analyst
Elizabeth Sheppard, Electrical Engineer

Salt Lake Technical Center (SLTC) | 801-233-4900

Salt Lake Technical Center (SLTC)
Director's Office
Name - Position
Todd Jordan, Acting Director
Norm Perdue, Purchasing Agent
Glenn Sneddon, Administrative Assistant
Nikki Tobin, Management and Program Analyst
Brian Walbeck, Management Services Specialist
Division of Industrial Hygiene Chemistry (IHC) - Analytical Support
Name - Position
Philip Smith, Director
Fern Stones, Deputy Director
Dan Crane, Physical Scientist (Lead Investigations)
Malory Duerr, Chemist (QC)
Daren Pearce, Chemist (Methods)
Mike Simmons, Chemist (Methods)
Phillip Toone, Chemical Engineer (Investigations)
B.J. Albrecht, Chromatography Group Manager
Uyen Bui, Chemist
Wildelys Colon-Jusino, Chemist
Yalun Cui, Chemist
Hanh Dinh, Chemist
Wayne Edwards, Chemist
Clint Merrell, Chemist
Michelle Paradise, Chemist
Karpagavalli Ramji, Chemist
Eddie Robinson, Chemist
Timothy Rochelle, Chemist
Yanqiu Sun, Chemist
Daniel Johansen, Spectroscopy and Physical Measurements Group Manager
Steve Anderson, Chemist
Tyler Erickson, Chemist (QA)
Andrew Feigley, Chemist
Don Halterman, Physical Scientist
Scott Jones, Physical Scientist
Sara Linn, Chemist
Gilberto Lopez, Chemist
Karl Oberg, Chemist
Anna Tang, Chemist
John Yost, Chemist
Health Response Team
Name - Position
Jeffrey Lodwick, Acting Director
Corey Beacom, Health Scientist
Jacob Ewer, Health Scientist
Glenn Lamson, Industrial Hygienist
Brian Liddell, Chemical Engineer
Matthew Meyer, Mechanical Engineer
James Nelson, Mechanical Engineer
Hazen Price, Mechanical Engineer
Technical Services Division
Name - Position
Jedd Hill, Director
Fred Cox, Chemist
Bonny Decker, Technical Information Specialist
Kym Hemler, Program Specialist
Scott Horrocks, Information Technology Specialist
Heather Hose, Information Technology Specialist
Tara Koch, Safety and Occupational Health Specialist

Technical Data Center (TDC) | 202-693-2350

Technical Data Center (TDC)
Name - Position
Michelle Walker, Director
Davina Brown, Technical Information Specialist
Robb Turnage, Technical Information Specialist