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The institutional and industrial cleaning industry provides essential products and services that are used to clean and maintain a healthy indoor environment for commercial establishments of all sizes and types, including schools, hospitals, day care centers, food service operations, office complexes, and other similar establishments. The industry includes manufacturers and distributors of cleaning products in addition to in-house and contracted service providers.

According to the National Domestic Workers Alliance, more than 600,000 U. S. domestic workers are employed by private households of which 38% are maids and housekeepers (other main categories are home care workers 20% and childcare 32%). Many of the Hazards and Solutions discussed here would apply to this group of workers as well. Also see resources on domestic workers at the USDOL, Women's Bureau.

As in many industries, employees in the cleaning industry face a number of hazards. Cleaning industry employees may be exposed to potentially hazardous chemicals, may be asked to work with equipment that can present a danger and may be asked to perform various tasks that may cause an injury or illness if not performed properly. Further, the physical environment in which cleaning services are performed can present hazards.

OSHA standards and guidelines play a key role in eliminating or minimizing these hazards and are crucial to ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

For additional resources to help employers comply with and workers understand OSHA requirements, read OSHA's Employers page.


Cleaning Industry hazards are addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry.

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Hazards and Solutions

Provides references that may be used to assist cleaning industry employers and employees in recognizing potential hazards in the workplace and provide examples of possible solutions.

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Safety and Health Programs

Provides information that may help employers develop and implement a safety and health program.

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Additional Resources

Provides links and references to additional resources related to the cleaning industry.

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