Evaluating Exposure

The following references aid in evaluating occupational exposures and the health effects of carcinogens.

  • OSHA Occupational Chemical Database. OSHA's premier one-stop shop for occupational chemical information. It compiles information from several government agencies and organizations. Information available on the pages includes chemical identification and physical properties, exposure limits, sampling information, and additional resources.
  • OSHA Technical Manual (OTM). OSHA Directive TED 01-00-015 [TED 1-0.15A], (January 20, 1999).
  • Minimal Risk Levels (MRLs). Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR). Contains data for more than 270 substances.
  • Proposed Guidelines for Carcinogen Risk Assessment. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Describes the framework to be followed in developing an analysis of carcinogen risk and evaluating the nature and magnitude of the cancer hazard from suspect carcinogens.
  • Health Based Exposure Guidelines Committee. Chemical Exposure Guidelines. 9th ed. San Jose, CA: Santa Clara Center for Occupational Safety and Health, (1995).