CMAA - Alliance Agreement - October 3, 2002


The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) recognize the value of establishing a collaborative relationship to foster safer and more healthful American workplaces. OSHA and CMAA therefore agree to form an Alliance to share their collective expertise to help advance a culture of prevention while sharing best practices and technical knowledge.

OSHA and CMAA agree to establish an Alliance to promote safe and healthful working conditions for its members by:

  • Providing CMAA members with information and guidance that will help them protect employees' health and safety, particularly in reducing and preventing exposure to construction industry hazards.

  • Increasing access to construction industry safety and health information and training resources.

OSHA and CMAA will also work together to achieve the following training and education goals:

  • Develop safety and health programs and guidelines to inform and educate CMAA members on the need for implementing safety and health programs and processes in the workplace.

  • Organize and provide the necessary resources for the presentation of OSHA's construction courses to CMAA members when OSHA and CMAA identify the need.

OSHA and CMAA will work together to achieve the following outreach and communication goals:

  • Seek opportunities to jointly develop and disseminate guidance and information at conferences, events, and/or through print and electronic media, including informational links from OSHA's and CMAA's Web sites.

  • Seek opportunities to speak, exhibit, or appear at conferences, local meetings, or other events.

  • Cross-train OSHA personnel and industry safety and health practitioners in construction management best practices and/or effective approaches.

  • Promote and encourage CMAA members' participation in OSHA's cooperative programs such as compliance assistance, the Voluntary Protection Programs, Consultation, and SHARP.

OSHA and the CMAA will work together to achieve the following goals related to promoting the national dialogue on workplace safety and health:

  • Raise awareness through speeches and appearances by CMAA leaders of positive and successful worksite programs and their commitment to workplace safety and health.

  • Share information on best practices of CMAA members/worksites with others in the industry through outreach by CMAA and through training programs and materials developed by OSHA, CMAA, and/or others. Promote their implementation through print or electronic media, promotion at conferences, and/or other means of reaching out to others in industry.

  • Convene or participate in forums and roundtable discussions on multi-employer worksite issues to help forge innovative solutions to raising construction safety awareness in the workplace.

An implementation team made up of representatives of both organizations will meet to develop a plan of action, determine working procedures, and identify the roles and responsibilities of the participants. In addition, they will meet on a regular schedule to track and share information on activities and results in achieving the goals of the Alliance. OSHA will afford the opportunity for representatives of the Occupational Safety and Health State Plan Association and the association of state Consultation Projects to participate as well.

This agreement will remain in effect for one year from the date of signing and will automatically be renewed annually thereafter. This agreement may be modified at any time with the concurrence of both signatories and may be terminated for any reason with 30 days written notice from either signatory.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration


  • John Henshaw
  • Assistant Secretary


Construction Management Association of America


  • Tom Quaranta
  • Past President


  • Bruce D'Agostino
  • Executive Director