The following is a list of individuals whose status as authorized OSHA outreach trainers has been suspended or revoked as a result of failing to comply with the Outreach Training Program requirements and procedures.

Last Name First Name Corrective Action
(Suspension, Revocation)
City State Trainer ID
Abrego Alonso Suspended Houston TX C 0086771
Aleisa Ahmed Suspended Norman OK G0053271
Alexander Mark Suspended Stowe PA 14-001968
Allard Patrick Suspended Williston ND 3237
Aldridge Ronnie Suspended Oklahoma City OK G0044161
Alston Joseph Suspended Long Island City NY 7991
Arias Juliel Suspended Suffolk VA 20-0030206
Bailey Mckinley Suspended Gonzales LA 39-0105433
Balzer Marina Suspended Brooklyn NY 14-000108234
Barker Don Revoked Las Vegas NV U00245332
Barker Erik Suspended Los Angeles CA G 0055301
Barrios Victor Suspended Las Vegas NV C 0087601
Barton Bryan Suspended Everett WA Unk
Bateman Joseph Suspended Hendersonville TN G0040391
Bates William Suspended Bryan TX 888881202
Bergman Andre Revoked Brooklyn NY RIT-1488
Bergum Charles Suspended Hutchinson MN 24-0079240
Bevins George Suspended Crownsville MD MAOTIEC00989C
Beyer Ted Suspended Hudson WI C0080503
Bly Jonathan Suspended Chritiana TN 38-0105632
Bradford Joel Suspended Spanish Fork UT C0098771
Brewington Terry Suspended Fayetteville NC G 0066739
Brooks Jason Suspended Sutherland VA 14-A000002518
Brown Kathleen Suspended Rawlins WY C 0098795
Bruno Joseph (Rocco) Suspended Perry Hall MD C 0056370
Brunson Willie Suspended Urbana IL 24-0105634
Buchanan Adam Suspended Dickinson ND G 0053311
Buhowsky Joe Suspended San Ramon CA C0028835
Burleson Mike Suspended Minot ND 5469
Calcote Jaramy Suspended Greenville TX C00886846, G00388606
Calvin Gregory Suspended Las Vegas NV C068261
Camejo Abraham Suspended North Las Vegas NV C–31-0105318
Cantrell David Suspended Spanish Fort AL MA0001744
Carpenter Jon Suspended Hobart IN 11501
Castor Saul Suspended Pharr TX C 0086785
Cauble Steve Suspended Jacksonville FL G-20-0053541
Cedillos Erasmo Suspended Wildomar CA C-32-0106998
Chakhalyan Rimma Suspended Brooklyn NY 14-0001088239
Chattman Daniel Suspended East Providencce RI 4657
Chettali Mohammed Sameer Suspended Jubail Industrial City Saudi Arabia U 05784683
Cholley Robert Suspended Lake Charles LA C0067821
Clark Sandra Suspended Monteclair NJ 12-000079430
Clark Tammy Suspended Rockford MI 24-0106163
Clements Joseph Suspended West Palm Beach FL Unknown
Collera Ricardo Suspended Miami FL C0068732
Cooper Shon Suspended Center TX 25-000106254C
Cortes Guido Suspended West Haven CT C 0105257
Costabile Kimberly Suspended Fairfax Station VA C18400
Crawford Fredrick Suspended Homossa FL C 0065634
Cruz Jose Martin Suspended Houston TX C0086847
Danellis Nicholas Suspended North Massapequa NY C0071559
Davidson Thomas Revoked Fairview Heights IL C0044649
D'Elia Luis Suspended Hialeah FL C0091502
DeMeuse Chad Suspended Neenah WI 17044
Dennis Edward Suspended Greenfield IN G 0065456
Devers Patrick Suspended New York NY C 0100090
Dinardo Michael Revoked Astoria NY RMEC-004078
Ditmer Joseph Suspended Mesa AZ 40-0105340
Drakeford Grover Revoked Long Island City NY 9619
Dropala Mark Suspended Middle Village NY Unavailable
Dube Jeremiah Suspended Vista CA C 0068139
Dumbris Chad Suspended Zionsville IN C 0080348
Edgar Terry Suspended Abingdon MD C 0067194
El Oupy Mohamad Suspended Abu Dhabi UAE 25-A00000712
Ellingson Jesse Suspended Alexandria MN C373974
Elwood Julius Suspended Window Rock AZ G 0038078, C 0065044
Engel Steven Suspended New Orleans LA C0061737
Eppelheimer David Suspended Wilmington DE C0049594
Epperson Billy Suspended Lorraine TX C 0086702
Estrada Frank Suspended West Corvina CA C0055466
Evans Christopher Suspended Garland TX C 0067610
Evans Jesse Suspended Beaumont TX 25-000106750
Fahrer John Suspended Boise ID Unavailable
Fakhri Allan Suspended Toltec AZ G0015902
Fedorowicz Tanya Suspended Thornton CO G 0055176
Feliz, Sr. Roberto Suspended Camden NJ 14-000079550
Ferrer Julio Suspended Rochester NY 1378
Ferris Kate Suspended Broomfield CO 30-0079012
Fettig Randall Suspended Pelican Rapids MN 188536
Fierro Ramon Suspended El Paso TX 26-0105131
Flores Salvado Suspended Dallas TX C 25-106058
Follett Scott Suspended Blytheville AR 26-0079822
Fontanez Larry Suspended Hurley NY 362
Frie Gery Suspended Baton Rouge LA C0061689, G0060227
Fuston Jeff Suspended Greensboro NC C0056694
Galloway Michael Suspended Holtsville NY C0066085
Garcia Carlos Suspended Lafayette IN 5923
Garza Robert Anthony Suspended Pensacola FL GT 205
Gebrewold Fetene Suspended Macomb IL G 0040283
Gerry John Suspended Tallahassee FL C0099927
Glamos George Suspended Scottsville NY C 0092894
Goodrum Shane Suspended Huntsville TX C–25-000106686
Gour Tristan Suspended Elkhart IN G 0040204
G 0071092
Green Dwayne Suspended Little Rock AR G0044117
Green James Suspended Forney TX C0067636
Green Robert Suspended Albuquerque NM RMEC-00580
Greene Christine Suspended Hamdon CT C 0091778
Greer Charles Suspended Pittsburgh PA C 0085831
Grey Thomas Suspended Champaign IL C 24-0105436
GI 24-0079115
Guglielmo Anthony Revoked Staten Island NY RMEC-003695
Hall David Allen Suspended Neosho MO C0088132
Hammonds Fred Suspended San Antonio TX C 0090705
Hand Brian Suspended Manchester NH NEO1900
Harris Roy Suspended Houston TX C 0106854
G 0041202
Harris Troy Suspended Carnegie PA C 0097969
Hassim Trevor Suspended Monroeville PA 15-0106373
Haynes Amel-Nahree Suspended Union NJ C00100515
Heilmann Silvanna Suspended Fairfield IA UNK, General Industry
Herrington Rick Suspended Belton TX U05071677
Heslip Frederick Suspended Roosevelt UT G0059209
Hickey Michael Suspended Louisville KY C0058693
Hinson Katrina Suspended Rock Hill SC Unavailable
Hinton James Suspended Southhaven MS 38-0079412
Hobbs Gary Revoked Albuquerque NM C0055342
Holley John Suspended Decatur AL G 0043395
Howard Phillip Suspended Warner Robins GA GT 859
Huber Joseph Suspended Terra Haute IN GL-00088
Huckaby Marshall Cicero Suspended Senoia GA 0034083
Hughes Joseph Suspended Joliet IL C 0066922
Hulsey Joseph Suspended Converse TX G 0053333
Hunt Clyde Suspended Raleigh NC C0100791
Inniss Darrell Revoked Bronx NY RMEC-002779
Jackson Billy Suspension Bladenboro NC C 0079755
Jacobs Steven Suspended Hattiesburg MS C 0065624
James Kavin Suspended Chesterfield VA MAOTIEC00859G
Jefferies Marlen Revoked O'Fallon IL UNK
Joor Cedric Suspended Raleigh NC G0029596, C0062743
Justice Scott Suspended Casey IL C 0082529
Kackos Brandis Suspended Concord NC C – 18-0106917
Kanaley Kelly Suspended Simpsonville SC G0068384
Kiropoulos Frank Suspended Bayside NY 846
Kohut Morgan Suspended Houston TX G0044337
Kolanda Patrick Suspended Everett WA C 0103580
Kruger Thomas Suspended Plainview MN 1090914
Larson Phillip Suspension North Little Rock AR C0086932
Lasswell John Suspension Stillwater MN 24-0079220
Layne John Suspension Tyler TX C 0060387
Lea Jim Suspended Waco TX C 0061888
Leo Robert Suspended Seattle WA G 0063215
Lewis Junior Revoked Jamaica NY RMEC-004337
Lindquist Jorgen Revoked The Woodlands TX C0067883
Lockwood Dana Suspended Atlanta GA C0065594
Lopez Esau Suspended Edinburg TX 25-000105680
Lukes Donald Suspended Hobart IN 6088
Mabile Blake Suspended Lynn Haven FL 38-0106558
Manuel Michael Suspended Hernando MS 38-0105844
Marini Richard Suspended Staten Island NY 14-005080165, 14-000208037
Marks John Suspended Baltimore MD 12137
Martin Barry Suspended Chesterfield VA 15-0105657
Martinez Efrain Suspended Edinburg TX 431886
Martinez Will Suspended Lake Charles LA C 0106904
Marx Lee Suspended Las Vegas NV C0087474; CSN20090059
May Donald Lee Suspended Gary IN G0054232
McCaffery William Suspended Mililani HI 15-0030049
McDonald Kevin Suspended Wake Village TX 16500026
McGarity Robert Suspended Chesapeake VA 15-0030102
Medina Anthony Suspended Harlingen TX C25-106983
Meldrum Jesse Suspended South Jordan UT C0050840
Melendez Arturo Suspended Mission TX C – 25-000105925
Mendoza Michael Suspended Anaheim CA 31-0105015
Miles Cheryl Suspended Greenwood IN 15173
Miller Francis Suspended Houston TX C0056684
Miller Susan Suspended Middlefield CT 260; C 0069344
Milliken Terry Suspended Clarksville TN C0082426
Moffitt Alexander Suspended Georgetown TX C 0058720
Monge Sr. Mario Suspended Miami FL 20-0106124C
Morales Daniel Suspended Atlanta GA 20-0105863
Morales Julian Suspended El Paso TX 888-88-2422
Morrell Aaron Suspended Montgomery TX 25-000106949
Morauer Kurt Suspended Gainesville FL C 0079889
Moya Abel Suspended Harlingen TX C0067656, G0053407
Murphy Bruce Suspended Cross Lanes WV 13110
Nakao Wendy Suspended Lakewood CO C0060628
Nava Daniel Suspended Tulsa OK C 0065595
Nelson Alan Suspended Abilene TX G0060520
Nelson Richard Suspended Taft TX C 0067497
Niane Hannah Suspended Panama City FL C 0086890
Nichols Tyrone Revoked Brooklyn NY 647
Nodine Brandon Suspended Navarre FL 26-0108246
Oberg Kendall Suspended Long Beach MS C0084158
Olivares Ricardo Suspended McAllen TX G0053350
Om Shaba Suspended New York NY Unavailable
Oren JonCarlo Suspended Brooklyn NY C0100519
Ortiz Ivelisse Suspended Eatonton GA C17-0000308
Oster Gwen Suspended Bemidji MN C0061203
Page Christopher Suspended West Milford NJ C 0071474
Pavlovich Robert Suspended Waymart PA C 0085971
Perez Remigio Suspended Houston TX G 0047992, C 0103098
Perkins Derrick Suspended Prairiesville LA 1298037
Piekarski Mike Suspended Anchorage AK Unavailable
Pierson Charles Suspended Little Ferry NJ C0100511
Pigg Joseph Suspended Chandlerville IL 24-0079976
Prinz Fredrick Revoked Rochelle Park NJ C0060713
Ramirez Alex Suspended Hialeah Gardens FL C0091428
Ramirez Jr. Roberto C. Suspended Los Angeles CA G0040629
Ramos Jose Suspended Seguin TX C 0087169
Ramos Jr. Hector Suspended Houston TX G 0065160
Reed III Richard Suspended LaPorte IN 12963
Regouby Daniel Suspended Tulsa OK 25-000079333
Reiblich Carroll Suspended Sarasota FL C0068703
Richards Ian Suspended Port Orange FL 38-0106288
Richardson Tod Suspended Friendswood TX C 0091557
Riel Hartley Suspended Friendswood TX C 0091557
Rillera, Jr. David Suspended Barrigada GU C31-0105625
Rios Jose E. Suspended Las Vegas NV C 0068120
Rivera-Gueits Adalberto Suspended Kissimmee FL C-380105944
Roan John Suspended Lincoln RI 6038
Robinson Kenya Ray Suspended Pearland TX 26-0105588
Robles Javier Suspended New Britain CT C 0038750
Roche Robert Revoked Sayville NY RMEC-4233
Rocker Joe Suspended North Richland Hills TX C 0081020
Rogers Eric Suspended Rochester NY C052109
Rogers William David Suspended Astoria NY 18-0105740
Ryal Ian Suspended Hawesville KY 23-01050019685
Salzman Kevin Suspended Cheektowaga NY C0071257
Sanders Spencer Suspended Minneapolis MN C-0101220
Santos Daniel Suspended West New York NJ C0023795
Schaller Michael Suspended Hobart IN 11634
Schneider William Suspended Caledonia MI GL-003994
Schutt Gary Suspended Middletown NY G0065940
Sell John Suspended Sparks NV CSN20090035
Sell Kevin Suspended Columbia MO 27-0106559
Sereno Jimmy Suspended Schertz TX 1170778
Shah Dilip Suspended Greensboro NC 38-0079286
C 0090775
Shands Marion Suspended St. Louis MO C 0086652
Shaporov Alexander Suspended Brooklyn NY 14-000107560, 14-005080172
Simpson Darryl Revoked Hillside NJ Unknown
Skrbina Rudy Suspended Thornton CO 30-0105336
Spanswick Sandra Suspended Virginia Beach VA 15-0030052
Spicher Denny Suspended Dauphin PA 14-A000000448
Sosinov Elliot Suspended Old Bridge NJ 12-000108797
Stafford B. Kevin Suspended Costa Mesa CA C0052658
Stewart Billy Suspended Van Buren AR 26-0012866
Still Terry Suspended Picayune MS C 0086877
Stone Eugene Suspended Saint Petersburg FL 20-0105989
Stone Lynda Suspended Gladewater TX G 0065149
Strickland Keith Suspended Pembroke NC C 0090689
Strong Jeffrey Suspended Youngsville NC C 0100825
Souflee Roberto Suspended Las Vegas NV C0044886
Sylvester Boyd Suspended Portland OR Unknown
Taylor II Dewey Suspended Vancouver WA C 008816
Teodosio Martin Suspended Seattle WA Unavailable
Thiel Kym Suspended Hobart IN 10850
Thygerson Steve Suspended Provo UT MW 202
Tiffany Jeremy Suspended Stanley NY G 0065767
Tsuchiya Tatsuya Suspended Sasebo Japan 20-0030069
Turkus William Suspended Monroe NJ 270
Turner Nicholas Suspended Rock Hill SC 18-0079041
Vallejo Jackeline Suspended New York NY C0100403
Vargas Alexander Suspended East Elmhurst NY 18S5000003
Variyam Biju Suspended San Bernardino CA G0045107
Vasquez Miguel Suspended New York NY G 0037899, Construction UNK
Von Bevern Mike Suspended Horseheads NY C 0068386 C0068400 G 0065796
Walker Darren Suspended Oak Ridge TN 38-0106059
Wallace Larry Suspended Las Vegas NV C0079566, G0021460
Walters, Jr. Carl D Suspended Kearny NJ C 0096019
Wark Joseph Suspended Houton TX C–25-000106025
Waters David Suspended Powderly TX 25-000079030
Weekley Matthew Suspended Macon GA C0104855
Wells John Suspended Valrico FL C 0079885
Whaley David Suspended Loveland CO C 0061089
Williams Derrick Suspended Mount Vernon NY C0055800
Williams Mark Suspended Colonial Heights VA C 0090618
Willis Shauna Suspended Little Rock AR G0053499
Wilson Walter Suspended Chouteau OK C 0092128
Windsor Peter Suspended Dagget MI C 0083410
Witty Monte Suspended Williston ND G 0018690
Yellich John Suspended Paw Paw MI C 0034663
Yisrael Yehoyaqueem Suspended Brooklyn NY C 0096039
Zokirova Nigina Suspended Brooklyn NY 14-000108237
Zuccarelli Carmen Suspended Altus AFB OK G0053489

OSHA will continue to refer fraudulent activity to the Labor Department's Office of Inspector General, and trainers who are found falsifying information will be subject to criminal prosecution. The public is asked to call the Outreach Training Program fraud hotline at (847) 725-7804 to file complaints about program fraud and abuse.