Evaluation of Fibers as to their Carcinogenicity


Evidence for carcinogenicity

Overall evaluation of carcinogenicity to humans
Human Animal
Glasswool I L 3
Glass filaments I I 3
Rockwool I L 3
Slagwool I (no info given) L 3
Refractory ceramic fibers I S 2B
Special-purpose glass fibers I (no info given) S 2B
  • S = Sufficient Evidence
  • L = Limited Evidence
  • I = Inadequate Evidence
  • Group 2B = Possible Carcinogenic to Humans
  • Group 3 = Cannot be evaluated as to its Carcinogenicity to Humans

*This table is extracted from Section 5.5 of "Man-made Vitreous Fibres." International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) 81(2002).