Safety Pays Tool Introduction

OSHA's Safety Pays Program

OSHA’s easy-to-use Safety Pays tool provides information on the frequency and costs of work-related injuries and illnesses. Using data collected from thousands of workplaces, the tool provides a unique opportunity to compare your workplace safety record with your peers. This tool can support you in fulfilling your responsibility to your workers’ safety and health. You can also use the Safety Pays tool to explore the value of implementing workplace safety and health practices that keep your employees safe while lowering costs due to work-related injuries and illnesses.

How to use the Safety Pays Tool

As an employer, you can use the Safety Pays tool in different ways, depending on how much information you have on occupational injuries and illnesses at your company. The tool will be most useful if you have a recent record of your company’s workplace safety performance. (If you fill out OSHA Form 300A, then you already have this information). But even if you do not know anything about your company’s workplace safety record, you can still use the tool to learn about your potential burden.


Ensuring your privacy

The Safety Pays tool does not capture or relay any information entered or calculated by the tool (for more information on privacy, see the Department of Labor’s Privacy and Security Statement). Burden calculations are average cost estimates based on national and/or industrywide data. To learn more about how the estimated costs are calculated, see the "Data Sources" section of this website. This tool does not represent a new standard or regulation, and creates no new legal obligations. It is intended to help raise awareness of the impact of occupational injuries and illnesses on profitability.

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