OSHA Publications by Type

Fatal Facts

Fatal Facts describe cases that are representative of employers who failed to identify and correct hazardous working conditions leading to fatalities at their worksites. The documents offer ideas on how to correct these hazards and educate workers about safe work practices.

Guidance Documents

Documents that provide detailed examinations of specific safety and health issues.

OSHA Alerts

OSHA Alerts focus attention on worker safety and health issues and solutions.

Pocket Guides

OSHA has developed 20 - 32 page booklets to educate employees about the hazards, resources and safety partnerships for the Agency's focus industries.


Posters provide safety guidance for employees and employers in specific industries.


QuickCards are small, laminated cards that provide safety and health information for employers/employees.

Safety and Health Information Bulletins (SHIBs)

SHIBs are used to raise awareness of significant occupational safety and health issues concerning hazard recognition, evaluation and control in the workplace and at emergency response sites.


OSHA standards require that employers maintain or improve workplace conditions to protect employees.