Dry Cleaning

1-Bromopropane: OSHA/NIOSH Hazard Alert

(OSHA 3676 - 2014) (English: PDF )

Cabinet Press Pinch Point Hazard

(OSHA HIB 07-16-2003 - ) (English: PDF )

Cabinet Press Pinch Point Hazard - Spanish

(OSHA HIB 07-16-2003 - ) (Español: PDF )

Perchloroethylene: Reducing Worker Exposure to Perchloroethylene (PERC) in Dry Cleaning

This document provides information on the health hazards and current regulations, as well as recommendations on methods for reducing worker exposures. It also provides information on training, personal protective equipment, and some of the new technologies available in the dry cleaning industry.

(OSHA 3253 - ) (English: PDF Add to cart )
(OSHA 3253 - ) (한국어(Korean): PDF )