Industry Profile for an OSHA Standard

This page enables the user to determine which North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) groupings having the most violations of a specified Federal or State OSHA standard. Also available is Frequently Cited OSHA Standards which lists standards cited for a specified NAICS sector.

Select number of employees in establishment:
All 1-9 1-19 1-99 20-49
20-99 50-99 100-249 1-249 250+

Federal or State Jurisdiction: OSHA Standard:

The Standard must be specified at the 8-character Part/Section level. NAICS summary data will be presented for all OSHA standards if ALL is specified.
The data shown reflects OSHA citations issued by the Federal or State OSHA during the specified fiscal year; see definitions. If you are interested in obtaining the NAICS code for a particular industry, an online NAICS Code Manual is available which may be searched by keyword or browsed. This manual contains detail descriptions of every NAICS sector.