Standard Cited: 5A0001 OSH Act General Duty Paragraph

Violation Items
Nr: 122375512 Citation: 02046 Issuance: 07/12/1996 ReportingID: 0112900
Viol Type:Willful NrInstances:6 Contest Date:07/23/1996
Abatement Date:08/17/1996 X Nr Exposed:8 Final Order:08/18/1997
Initial Penalty:40000.00 REC: Emphasis:X
Current Penalty:20800.00 Gravity:03 Haz Category:ELECTRIC

Penalty and Failure to Abate Event History
Type Event Date Penalty Abatement Type FTA Insp
Penalty Z: Issued 07/12/1996 40000.00 08/17/1996 Willful  
Penalty F: Formal Settlement 08/18/1997 20800.00 08/17/1996 Willful  

Text For Citation: 02 Item/Group: 046 Hazard: ELECTRIC

Section 5(a)(1) of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970: The employer did not furnish employment and a place of employment which were free from recognized hazards that were causing or likely to cause death or serious physical harm to employees in that employees housed in trailer #13 were exposed to the hazards of fire, smoke inhalation, electric shock and electrocution: a)Kitchen - Due to physical damage the mounting bracket of the ceiling light fixture was not secured and the fixture was not provided with strain relief. b)West Bedroom - The ceiling mounted light fixture, which was 20 inches above the bed was missing a light bulb and was not covered or protected with an approved globe or enclosure. c)Bathroom - The electrical wires, supplying power to the ceiling fan, were not contained within an approved electrical box or enclosure. d)Bathroom - The neutral conductor, on the wall mounted electrical outlet and light switch, contained 65 volts. The receptacle was not provided with an approved cover. e)Kitchen - The G.E. refrigerator was not grounded, and the metal frame of the refrigerator contained 40 volts. f)Hall - The battery powered smoke detector and alarm was not operational. Among other methods, one feasible means of abatement would be to provide electrical installations which are in compliance with the National Electrical Code.