Data Definitions

Sampled Establishment Note: names contained in the IMIS are not unique; i.e., there may be more than one variation in the way a single establishment is spelled. For example, Springdale Waste Water Treatment Facility may be associated with one inspection, and Springdale Water Treatment Plant with another. The user should specify as few words as necessary to uniquely identify the establishment. For the example above, Springdale Water might be a good first choice.

Identifies the site state where the inspection was performed.

Identifies the site zip code where the inspection was performed.

Year Range
Selects the date range for which sampling data will be returned.

Indicates the 4-digit Standard Industrial Classification Code from the 1987 version SIC manual which most closely applies. See SIC Search.

North American Industrial Classification System Code. See NAICS search.

Substances are primarily listed by the Chemical name as it appears in the OSHA PELs, 29 CFR 1910.1000, TABLES Z-1-A, Z-2, Z-3; the ACGIH TLV's; or by common name. The search will return results for all substances that include the submitted substance name, for example the substance name lead will return sample results for lead, organic lead and blood lead among others.

Sample results from laboratory analysis for each sample submitted within the specified range, e.g. 0.05-10.99. If no sample range is submitted all results for the specified parameters will be returned.