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March 21, 2023


US Department of Labor, Power Generation Workgroup alliance
promotes importance of safety for workers

Stresses training, safe work practices aligned with federal, industry standards


U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Power Generation Voluntary Protection Program Workgroup

Power Generation Workgroup
On March 10, 2023, Luminant’s Voluntary Protection Program Coordinator Alexander Miller; Onward Energy’s Corporate Safety Director Kelli Heflin; and OSHA Regional Administrator Jennifer Rous signed an alliance agreement to promote workplace safety and health for people working near high voltage.

Alliance description: OSHA Region VIII and the Power Generation VPP Workgroup, industry professionals committed to the goals of the OSHA's national VPP program, have established an alliance to increase safety for power industry workers.

Among the two-year alliance's goals is the development of a Qualified Electrical Worker Training Program to develop best practices for protecting the safety and well-being of employees working near high voltage.

The Power Generation VPP Workgroup's goal is to promote workplace safety excellence and OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program participation within the power generation industry by sharing ideas, networking, and solving site and industry wide safety and health concerns.

Background: OSHA's Alliance Program works with groups committed to worker safety and health to prevent workplace fatalities, injuries and illnesses. These groups include unions, consulates, trade or professional organizations, businesses, faith- and community-based organizations and educational institutions. OSHA and the groups work together to develop compliance assistance tools and resources, share information with workers and employers and educate workers and employers about their rights and responsibilities.

Quote: "Our alliance with the Power Generation Voluntary Protection Program will enhance our efforts to provide power generation industry workers with more opportunities to learn and follow federal and industry standards to protect their safety and health," said OSHA's Regional Administrator Jennifer Rous in Denver.

"I'm looking forward to getting the QEW training program off the ground," Kelli Heflin, co-founder of the PGVPP workgroup, said, "and the continued sharing of best practices and challenges with the group because I find that we do come up with some pretty innovative solutions."

"As a workgroup, our growth has been strong and this year should be no different in that respect," co-founder Alex Miller said. "I look forward to engaging with our participants and finding out what they are looking to get out of the group and where we can focus our energy to provide value to the industry."

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