NRTL Revised Fee Schedule Memo




LEE ANNE JILLINGS, Acting Director
Directorate of Technical Support and Emergency Management


Revisions to Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Fee Schedule

This memorandum implements OSHA’s revision of the schedule of fees for the NRTL Program.

OSHA is implementing a new schedule of fees for organizations OSHA recognizes or organizations seeking OSHA recognition as a NRTL. These fees are based on the services received to administer their involvement in the NRTL Program. Examples of these services include processing of applications and on-site assessments. Any applications OSHA receives from NRTLs and applicant organizations on or after October 21, 2019, will be subject to the new NRTL Fee Schedule. OSHA will consider the application as being received once OSHA receives both the documentation submitted in support of the application and fees required to be submitted with the application (whether under the old schedule or revised schedule). All audits, assessments, and other post-application fee-generating activities (such as publishing Federal Register notices) will be subject to the new fee schedule if they are conducted on or after October 21, 2019, even if an application was received prior to October 21, 2019.

The new fee schedule will take effect October 21, 2019, which is 30 days after the final revised fees schedule was published in the Federal Register (84 FR 49336) under docket OSHA-2007-0031.

For questions about implementation of this new policy, please contact Kevin Robinson, Director, Office of Technical Programs and Coordination Activities at 202-693-2110 or