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February 24, 1997

Mr. Douglas A. Holman
1816 Bend Road
Sevierville, Tennessee 37876

Dear Mr. Holman:

This is in response to your telefax transmission of January 9, concerning the duties of the competent person during the erecting, dismantling and moving of scaffolds.

Paragraph 1926.451(f)(7) does not preclude the competent person from assisting in the erecting, dismantling, moving or altering of a scaffold. The intent is that the competent person be on site to identify hazards and take corrective action. Work site circumstances and conditions would definitely have an effect on the role that the competent person must perform. Large scale or complicated projects might preclude the competent person from actually taking part in the work in order to function as a competent person. On the other hand, smaller, straight forward projects might not preclude the competent person from actually doing some of the work.

For example: During erection, the competent person may take on the role of the lead person, while during the movement of the scaffold the competent person may act as an observer to ensure that the scaffold does not contact energized power lines or other obstacles, and not actually engage in the work of moving the scaffold.

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The Office of Construction Standards and Compliance Assistance
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Russell S. Swanson, Director
Director of Construction