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June 21, 1996

Mr. Charles G. Marvin
Executive Vice President
The Refractories Institute
650 Smithfield Street, Suite 1160
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222-3907

Dear Mr. Marvin:

This letter is in response to your request for copies of training and information materials used as part of our outreach efforts in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) silicosis Special Emphasis Program. OSHA has developed informational cards on crystalline silica exposure for construction and general industry. Additional copies of these cards may be obtained from our Publications Office at (202) 219-4667. OSHA has also updated its slide presentation of crystalline silica and silicosis. The slides may be borrowed from the Regional Silicosis Coordinators and a copy made of them if desired. Enclosed is a list of the Regional Silicosis Coordinators.

Appendix A (enclosed) of the special emphasis program was prepared to be used as a general handout on silicosis and crystalline silica that could be used with various outreach efforts. Likewise for some of the other appendices.

Prior to the start of the outreach program, we conducted training at the OSHA Training Institute in Chicago for both OSHA personnel and state consultation program managers. At the training the attendees were provided with technical information and outreach materials. This material was provided to enable our Regional and Area Offices to develop training materials tailored for specific audiences. As the SEP continues, we expect that more outreach materials will become available. In addition, we are coordinating our efforts with NIOSH and MSHA in the development of outreach materials.

We hope this information provides you with some assistance. If we can be of any further help please contact my office at (202)-219-8036.


Ruth McCully, Director
Office of Health Compliance Assistance


May 23, 1996

Ms. Ruth McCulley
Office of Health
Compliance Assistance
200 Constitution Avenue, NW
Washington DC 20210

Dear Ms. McCulley,

The Refractories Institute has received Assistant Secretary Dear's May 2, 1996 Memorandum, Subject: Special Emphasis Program (SEP) for Crystalline Silica. We are very interested in obtaining, for use by Institute members, copies of the crystalline silica related information and training materials being developed as part of the Crystalline Silica Outreach Program.

The Institute is a national trade association representing a large segment of the refractories industry (SIC 3255 and 3297) which is listed in the memorandum.

Sincerely yours,

Charles G. Marvin
Executive Vice President