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                    LEO CAREY,
                    Director Office of Field Programs

FROM:               PATRICIA K. CLARK, Director Directorate of
                    Compliance Programs

SUBJECT:            Elevator Hazards During Construction

It has come to our attention that there is a need to identify in one list the standards commonly needed to address hazards associated with elevators during the construction of highrise buildings. Although open elevator shafts and moving mechanical equipment are not new hazards, the standards that address these concerns are located throughout part 1926.

The following table lists those standards that address the predominant hazards associated with the installation of elevators. Please distribute this list as appropriate.

     1910.132(b) & (c)                            personal protective

     1926.21(b)(6)(i) & (ii)                      confined spaces
         .25                                      housekeeping
         .26 refers to 1926.56(a)                 illumination

     1926.104                                     safety belts
         .105(a) & (f)                            safety nets
         .250(b)(1)                               material storage
         .354                                     personal protective

     1926.451[(f)(7)]                             scaffolds
         .451[(a)(1),(d),(f)(4),(g)(1),(h)]       scaffolds
         .451[(a)(6),(b)(1),Non-Mandatory App. A] scaffolds

     1926.500(b)(1) & (d)(1)                      guarding of floors
         .500(f)(1) & (3)                         standard guardrails
         .552                                     material hoists