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January 21, 1987

  Regional Administrator
FROM: JOHN B. MILES, JR., Director
  Directorate of Field Operations
SUBJECT: Interpretation of 29 CFR 1926.602(a)(9)(ii)

This is in reply to your memorandum (ARA/TS STD 3-13) requesting a written interpretation of the term "obstructed view to the rear" relative to use of back-up alarms of earthmoving and compacting equipment.

A simple interpretation would be "anything" that would "blockout" (interfere) with the overall view of the operator of the vehicle to the rear of the vehicle, at ground level.

"Obstructed view to the rear" could include such obstacles as any part of the vehicle such as structural members, its load (gravel, dirt, rip-rap), its height relative to ground level viewing, damage to windows or side mirrors, etc. used for rearview movement of the vehicle; in addition, it could include restricted visibility due to weather conditions such as heavy fog; or work being done after dark, without proper lighting.