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June 24, 1975

Mr. Howard Hawley
Tube-Lok Products
P.O. Box 02175
Portland, OR 97202

Dear Mr. Hawley:

In ANSI Standard B56.1-1969, Safety Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, Section 421 includes the requirement that the overhead guard "shall be capable of withstanding the impact of a 100-pound, solid-hardwood cube (or equivalent) dropped from a distance of 5 feet, 10 times, without fracture or without permanent deflection exceeding 3/4 inch."

You have calculated that a cube of white oak weighing 100 pounds would measure 16 inches on each edge. Obviously, this is not a readily available item and you have suggested the use of a block constructed of laminated wood.

I would consider the laminated block to be an acceptable equivalent for the hardwood block if the following conditions are met:

1. The laminated block must maintain its original size and shape throughout the test procedures.

2. The laminated block shall weigh 100 pounds and shall be of hardwood.

A softwood might provide a cushioning effect which would tend to make the test less severe.


Wesley M. Noble
Acting Associate Assistant
Regional Director, Technical Support