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July 1, 1974


SUBJECT:          Width of Scaffold Platforms

The Atlanta Region has called to our attention that scaffold platform widths are not specified for most of the scaffolds named in Parts 1910 and 1926. There is no minimum width specified in the General requirements for All Scaffolds in Parts 1910.28(a) and 1926.451(a). Specifically, platforms widths are not given for the following:

    Type of Scaffold                             Parts
                                             1910        1926
    Wood pole                               .28(b)      .451(b)

    Tube and Coupler                        .28(c)      .451(c)

    Tubular Welded Frame                    .28(d)      .451(d)

    Outrigger                               .28(e)      .451(g)

    Masons' Adjustable Multiple-
      Point Suspension                      .28(f)      .451(h)

    Stone Setters' Adjustable Multiple-     .28(h)      .451(j)
      Point Suspension

The standards do specify a minimum platform width of not less than 20" for two-point suspension scaffolds in Parts 1910.28(g) and 1926.451(i).

It is recommended that we promulgate a new standard in Parts 1910.28(a) and 1926.451(a) which will establish a minimum width of 18" for all scaffold platforms.

Barry J. White Associate Assistant Secretary for Regional Programs