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August 8, 1973


To:		Field and National Office

Subject:	Applicability of Section 1910.106 to Wineries.












  1. Purpose. To provide information and guidance on applicability of Section 1910.106 to wineries.
  2. Background. There have been questions from one of the large wine producing areas concerning:



    1. The applicability of Section 1910.106 to wineries.



    2. If applicable, under what Paragraph?
    3. If applicable, would the final containment of the wine in tanks or vats prior to bottling be considered as storage or as part of the processing of the wine?
  3. Action. It is the interpretation of the Office of Standards that:



    1. Section 1910.106 is applicable to wineries.



    2. The appropriate Paragraph is 1910.106(i), refineries, chemical plants, and distilleries.
    3. The final containment of wine in vats or tanks prior to bottling is part of the processing procedure rather than storage. Therefore, Subparagraph 1910.106(i)(4), location of process units is applicable rather than 1910.106(i)(1), Storage tanks.
  4. Cancellation: This notice is effective immediately and will remain in effect until superseded or canceled.


Office of Standards