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    Production or Disclosure of Information or Materials
  • Subpart:
    70 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Costs for Production of Records
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  • Title:
    Consent to pay fees.
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The Department will not assess or collect fees where the fee to be assessed, after deducting any free pages and/or search time, is less than $25.00. When making a request, a requester may specify a willingness to pay up to a certain amount, e.g., $50.00 or $200.


No request will be processed if a component reasonably believes that the fees are likely to exceed the amount to which the requester has originally consented, absent supplemental written consent by the requester to proceed after being notified of this determination.


When a component determines or estimates that the fees to be assessed in accordance with this section will exceed $25.00, the component shall notify the requester of the actual or estimated amount of the fees, including a breakdown of the fees for search, review or duplication, unless the requester has indicated a willingness to pay fees as high as those anticipated. If only a portion of the fee can be estimated readily, the component must advise the requester accordingly. Such notice may invite the requester to reformulate the request to satisfy his or her needs at a lower cost.


Components must make available their FOIA contact to assist any requester in reformulating a request to meet the requester's needs at a lower cost.

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