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    2202 Subpart E
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    Statements of Employment and Financial Interests
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    Information not required.
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This subpart does not require an employee to submit, on a statement of employmentand financial interests or supplementary statement, any information relating to the policyholdings in an insurance company and the stock or bond holdings in a mutual fund, investmentcompany, or bank; provided, that in the case of a mutual fund, investment company, or bank,the fair value of such stock or bond holding does not exceed one percent of the value of thereported assets of the mutual fund, investment company, or bank. In addition, this subpartdoes not require submission of information relating to the employee's connection with, orinterest in, a professional society or charitable, religious, social, fraternal,recreational,public service, civic, or political organization, or a similar organization not conducted as abusiness enterprise or subject to the provisions of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970.For the purpose of this section, educational and other institutions doing research and developmentor related work involving grants of money from or contracts with the Government are deemed "businessenterprises" and are required to be included in an employee's statement of employment and financialinterests.