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    Regulations Implementing The Freedom of Information Act.
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    Copies of Commission decisions.
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Single decisions. One copy of a Commission decision or decision by an Administrative Law Judge may be obtained free of copying fees by calling, writing or visiting the Freedom of Information Act Officer at the Commission's national office. A search fee may be charged, however, if the decision is not identified by name and date, or by docket number, or if it is not otherwise easily identifiable. See 2201.8 (b)(2)(i). Copying fees will be charged if more than one decision is requested and the copying cost exceeds $10. See 2201.8 (a)(l) and (b)(1). The address and telephone number of the offfce at which decisions are available is OSHRC, Freedom of Information Act Officer, One Lafayette Centre, 1120-20th St. NW., room 900, Washington, DC 20036 3419. Telephone 202-606-5398.
OSAHRC Reports. All final Commission decisions from 1971 through 1992 (including decisions of the commission and its Administrative Law Judges) of general applicability, and concurring and dissenting opinions, are published in a series of microfiche entitled OSAHRC Reports. OSAHRC Reports may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, U S. Government Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402. Persons wishing to obtain copies of numerous decisions and avoid large copying charges may purchase OSAHRC Reports or subscribe to a private reporting service. Decisions issued after 1992 are available by calling, writing or visiting the national office.
Citation form. Decisions in the microfiche series of OSAHRC Reports are officially cited as follows: The name of the cited employer; the last two digits of the year of the decision; OSAHRC (signifying the name of the official reporter, OSAHRC Reports) the serial number of the fiche on which the decision is printed, followed by a slash mark and the coordinates on the fiche for the first page of the decision. For example, J.W. Black Lumber Co., 75 OSAHRC 1/B9.
Indices. The Commission indexes decisions in OSAHRC Reports by docket number and alphabetically by name. These indices may be purchased by contacting the Freedom of Information Act Officer.

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