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    OSHA Review Commission
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    Filing of briefs and proposed findings with the Judge; oral argument at the hearing.
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General. A party is entitled to a reasonable period at the close of the hearing for oral argument, which shall be included in the stenographic report of the hearing. Any party shall be entitled, upon request made before the close of hearing, to file a brief, proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, or both, with the Judge. In lieu of briefs, the Judge may permit or direct the parties to file memoranda or statements of authority.
Time. Briefs shall be filed simultaneously on a date established by the Judge. A motion for extension of time for filing any brief shall be made at least 3 days prior to the due date and shall recite that the moving party has advised the other parties of the motion. Reply briefs shall not be allowed except by order of the Judge.
Untimely briefs. Untimely briefs will not be accepted unless accompanied by a motion setting forth good cause for the delay.

[51 FR 32015, Sept. 8, 1986, as amended at 74 FR 63987, Dec. 7, 2009]