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    OSHA Review Commission
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    Interlocutory review.
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General. Interlocutory review of a Judge's ruling is discretionary with the Commission. A petition for interlocutory review may be granted only where the petition asserts and the Commission finds:
That the review involves an important question of law or policy about which there is substantial ground for difference of opinion and that immediate review of the ruling may materially expedite the final disposition of the proceedings; or
That the ruling will result in a disclosure, before the Commission may review the Judge's report, of information that is alleged to be privileged.
Petition for interlocutory review. Within 5 days following the receipt of a Judge's ruling from which review is sought, a party may file a petition for interlocutory review with the Commission. Responses to the petition, if any, shall be filed within 5 days following service of the petition. A copy of the petition and responses shall be filed with the Judge. The petition is denied unless granted within 30 days of the date of receipt by the Commission's Executive Secretary. A corporate party that files a petition for interlocutory review or a response to such a petition under this section shall file with the Commission a copy of its declaration of corporate parents, subsidiaries, and affiliates previously filed with the Judge under the requirements of §2200.35 or §2200.37(d)(4). In its discretion the Commission may refuse to accept for filing a petition or response that fails to comply with this disclosure requirement. A corporate party filing the declaration required by this paragraph shall have a continuing duty to advise the Executive Secretary of any changes to its declaration until the Commission either denies the petition for interlocutory appeal or issues its decision on the merits of the appeal.
Denial without prejudice. The Commission's action in denying a petition for interlocutory review shall not preclude a party from raising an objection to the Judge's interlocutory ruling in a petition for discretionary review.
Stay --
Trade secret matters. The filing of a petition for interlocutory review of a Judge's ruling concerning an alleged trade secret shall stay the effect of the ruling until the Commission denies the petition or rules on the merits.
Other cases. In all other cases, the filing or granting of a petition for interlocutory review shall not stay a proceeding or the effect of a ruling unless otherwise ordered.
Judge's comments. The Judge may be requested to provide the Commission with his written views on whether the petition is meritorious. The Judge shall serve copies of these comments on all parties when he files them with the Commission.
Briefs. Should the Commission desire briefs on the issues raised by an interlocutory review, it shall give notice to the parties. See §2200.93 -- Briefs before the Commission.
When filing effective. A petition for interlocutory review is deemed to be filed only when received by the Commission.

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