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    Rules of Procedure
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    Duties and powers of Judges.
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It shall be the duty of the Judge to conduct a fair and impartial hearing, to assure that the facts are fully elicited, to adjudicate all issues and avoid delay. The Judge shall have authority with respect to cases assigned to the Judge, between the time the Judge is designated and the time the Judge issues a decision, subject to the rules and regulations of the Commission, to:

Administer oaths and affirmations;

Issue authorized subpoenas and rule on petitions to modify, revoke, or affirm, in accordance with § 2200.65;


Rule on claims of privilege and claims that information is protected and issue protective orders, in accordance with § 2200.52(d) and (e).

Rule upon offers of proof and receive relevant evidence;
Take or cause depositions to be taken whenever the needs of justice would be served;
Regulate the course of the hearing and, if appropriate or necessary, exclude persons or counsel from the hearing for contemptuous conduct and strike all related testimony of witnesses refusing to answer any proper questions;
Hold conferences for the settlement or simplification of the issues;

Dispose of procedural requests or similar matters, including motions referred to the Judge by the Commission and motions to amend pleadings; also to dismiss complaints, or portions of complaints, and to order hearings reopened or, upon motion, consolidated prior to issuance of a decision;


Make decisions that conform to 5 U.S.C. 557 of the Administrative Procedure Act;

Call and examine witnesses and to introduce into the record documentary or other evidence;

Approve or appoint an interpreter;


Request the parties to state their respective positions concerning any issue in the case or theory in support of their position;


Adjourn the hearing as the needs of justice and good administration require;


Take any other action necessary under the foregoing and authorized by the published rules and regulations of the Commission.

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