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    OSHA Review Commission
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    Stay of proceedings.
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"Motion for stay." Stays are not favored. A party seeking a stay of a case assigned to a Judge shall file a motion for stay with the Judge and send a copy to the Chief Administrative Law Judge. A motion for a stay shall state the position of the other parties, either by a joint motion or by the representation of the moving party. The motion shall set forth the reasons a stay is sought and the length of the stay requested.


"Ruling on motion to stay." The Judge, with the concurrence of the Chief Administrative Law Judge, may grant any motion for stay for the period requested or for such period as is deemed appropriate.


"Periodic reports required." The parties in a stayed proceeding shall be required to submit periodic reports on such terms and conditions as the Judge may direct. The length of time between the reports shall be no longer than 90 days unless the Commission or the Judge otherwise orders.

[51 FR 32015, Sept. 8, 1986, as amended at 57 FR 41687, Sept. 11, 1992]