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    OSHA Review Commission
  • Subpart:
    2200 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Pleadings and Motions
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  • Title:
    Employer contests.
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The Secretary shall file a complaint with the Commission no later than 20 days after receipt of the notice of contest.
The complaint shall set forth all alleged violations and proposed penalties which are contested, stating with particularity:
The basis for jurisdiction;
The time, location, place, and circumstances of each such alleged violation; and
The considerations upon which the period for abatement and the proposed penalty of each such alleged violation are based.
Where the Secretary seeks in his complaint to amend his citation or proposed penalty, he shall set forth the reasons for amendment and shall state with particularity the change sought.


Within 20 days after service of the complaint, the party against whom the complaint was issued shall file an answer with the Commission.
The answer shall contain a short and plain statement denying those allegations in the complaint which the party intends to contest. Any allegation not denied shall be deemed admitted.

The answer shall include all affirmative defenses being asserted. Such affirmative defenses include, but are not limited to, "infeasibility," "unpreventable employee misconduct," and "greater hazard."

The failure to raise an affirmative defense in the answer may result in the party being prohibited from raising the defense at a later stage in the proceeding, unless the Judge finds that the party has asserted the defense as soon as practicable.

[57 FR 41685, Sept. 11, 1992]