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    Rules of Procedure
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    2200 Subpart G
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    Miscellaneous Provisions
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    Standards of conduct.
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General. All representatives appearing before the Commission and its Judges shall comply with the letter and spirit of the Model Rules of Professional Conduct of the American Bar Association.


Misbehavior before a Judge -


Exclusion from a proceeding. A Judge may exclude from participation in a proceeding any person, including a party or its representative, who engages in disruptive behavior, refuses to comply with orders or rules of procedure, continuously uses dilatory tactics, refuses to adhere to standards of orderly or ethical conduct, or fails to act in good faith. The cause for the exclusion shall be stated in writing or may be stated in the record if the exclusion occurs during the course of the hearing. Where the person removed is a party's attorney or other representative, the Judge shall suspend the proceeding for a reasonable time for the purpose of enabling the party to obtain another attorney or other representative.


Appeal rights if excluded. Any attorney or other representative excluded from a proceeding by a Judge may, within 7 days of the exclusion, appeal to the Commission for reinstatement. No proceeding shall be delayed or suspended pending disposition of the appeal.


Disciplinary action by the Commission. If an attorney or other representative practicing before the Commission engages in unethical or unprofessional conduct or fails to comply with any rule or order of the Commission or its Judges, the Commission may, after reasonable notice and an opportunity to show cause to the contrary, and after hearing, if requested, take any appropriate disciplinary action, including suspension or disbarment from practice before the Commission.


Show cause orders. All show cause orders issued by the Commission under paragraph (c) of this section shall be served in a manner prescribed in § 2200.7(o).