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    OSHA Review Commission
  • Subpart:
    2200 Subpart G
  • Subpart Title:
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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  • Title:
    Expedited proceeding.
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"When ordered." Upon application of any party or intervenor or upon its own motion, the Commission may order an expedited proceeding. When an expedited proceeding is ordered by the Commission, the Executive Secretary shall notify all parties and intervenors.


"Automatic expedition." Cases initiated by employee contests and petitions for modification of abatement period shall be expedited.


"Effect of ordering expedited proceeding." When an expedited proceeding is required by these rules or ordered by the Commission, it shall take precedence on the docket of the Judge to whom it is assigned, or on the Commission's review docket, as applicable, over all other classes of cases, and shall be set for hearing or for the submission of briefs at the earliest practicable date.


"Time sequence set by Judge." The assigned Judge shall make rulings with respect to time for filing of pleadings and with respect to all other matters, without reference to times set forth in these rules, may order daily transcripts of the hearing, and shall do all other things appropriate to complete the proceeding in the minimum time consistent with fairness.