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    Identification Classification and Regulation of Potential Occupational Carcinogens
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    Advance notice of proposed rulemaking.
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Within thirty (30) days after OSHA initiates a study concerning the economic and/or technological feasibility of specific standards that might be applied in the regulation of a potential occupational carcinogen, the Secretary will normally publish, in the FEDERAL REGISTER, a notice which includes at least the following:
The name of the substance(s),
The scope of the study, including where possible, (i) affected industries, (ii) levels of exposure being studied, (iii) the anticipated completion date of the study;
A brief summary of the available data on health effects;
An estimate of when the Secretary anticipates the issuance of a proposal;
An invitation to interested parties to provide relevant information;
A statement that persons wishing to provide OSHA with their own study should complete it within 30 days after the anticipated proposal date; and
A statement of the procedural requirements that must be met before substantial new issues or substantial new evidence will be considered in the proceeding pursuant to 1990.145.
Where the Secretary determines to discontinue a feasibility study, the Secretary should publish, within 30 days, a notice in the FEDERAL REGISTER so indicating.