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    Procedures for the Handling of Discrimination Complaints Under Section 6 of the Pipeline Safety Improvement Act of 2002
  • Subpart:
    1981 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Miscellaneous Provisions
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    Judicial review.
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Within 60 days after the issuance of a final order (including a decision issued by the Secretary upon his or her discretionary review) for which judicial review is available, any person adversely affected or aggrieved by the order may file a petition for review of the order in the United States Court of Appeals for the circuit in which the violation allegedly occurred or the circuit in which the complainant resided on the date of the violation. A final order of the Secretary is not subject to judicial review in any criminal or other civil proceeding.


If a timely petition for review is filed, the record of a case, including the record of proceedings before the administrative law judge, will be transmitted by the Board to the appropriate court pursuant to the rules of the court.

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