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    Basic Program Elements for Federal Employees OSHA
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    1960 Subpart J
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    Evaluation of Federal Occupational Safety and Health Programs
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    Secretary's evaluations of agency occupational safety and health programs.
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In accordance with section 1-401(h), the Secretary shall develop a comprehensive program for evaluating an agency's occupational safety and health program. To accomplish this, the Secretary shall conduct:

A complete and extensive evaluation of all elements of an agency's occupational safety and health program on a regular basis;

Special studies of limited areas of an agency's occupational safety and health program as deemed necessary by the Secretary; and

Field reviews and scheduled inspections of agency workplaces as deemed necessary by the Secretary.
The Secretary shall develop and distribute to Federal agencies detailed information on the Department of Labor's evaluation program. The information shall include, but is not limited to:
The major program elements included in a complete and extensive evaluation of an agency's occupational safety and health program;
The methods and factors used to determine the effectiveness of each element of an agency's program;

The factors used to define "large" or "more hazardous" Federal agencies, establishments, or operations;

The procedures for conducting evaluations including field visits and scheduled inspections; and
The reporting format for agency heads in submitting annual summaries of their self-evaluation programs.

Prior to the initiation of an agency evaluation, the Department of Labor will review the annual agency self-evaluation summary report. The Secretary will then develop a program evaluation plan before the initiation of an agency evaluation. A copy of the plan shall be furnished to the agency to be evaluated at the time of the notification of the evaluation.


To facilitate the evaluation process and to insure full understanding of the procedures to be followed and the support required from the agency, the Secretary, or the Secretary's representative, shall conduct an opening conference with the agency head or designee. At the opening conference, the Secretary's authority and evaluation plan will be explained.

The agency evaluation should be completed within 90 calendar days of the date of the opening conference.
A report of the evaluation shall be submitted to the agency head by the Secretary within 90 calendar days from the date of the closing conference.
Agency heads shall respond to the evaluation report within 60 calendar days of receipt of the report.

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