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    Basic Program Elements for Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Programs and Related Matters
  • Subpart:
    1960 Subpart I
  • Subpart Title:
    Recordkeeping and Reporting Requirements
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    Agency annual reports.
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The Act and E.O. 12196 require all Federal agency heads to submit to the Secretary an annual report on their agency's occupational safety and health program, containing such information as the Secretary prescribes.

Each agency must submit to the Secretary by May 1 of each year a report describing the agency's occupational safety and health program of the previous calendar year and objectives for the current fiscal year. The report shall include a summary of the agency's self-evaluation finding as required by §1960.78(b).

The Secretary must provide the agencies with the guidelines and format for the reports at the time they are requested.
The agency reports will be used in preparing the Secretary's report to the President.

The Secretary will submit to the President by January 1 of each year a summary report of the status of the occupational safety and health of Federal employees based on agency reports, evaluations of individual agency progress and problems in correcting unsafe or unhealthful working conditions, and recommendations for improving their performance.