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    Basic Program Elements for Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Programs and Related Matters
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    1960 Subpart C
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    Alternate standards.
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An agency head may apply an alternate standard where deemed necessary, and shall, after consultation with employees or their representatives, including appropriate occupational safety and health committees, notify the Secretary and request approval of such alternate standards.

Any request by the head of the agency for an alternate standard shall be transmitted to the Secretary.
Any such request for an alternate standard shall not be approved by the Secretary unless it provides equivalent or greater protection for affected employees. Any such request shall include:
A statement of why the agency cannot comply with the OSHA standard or wants to adopt an alternate standard;
A description of the alternate standard;
An explanation of how the alternate standard provides equivalent or greater protection for the affected employees;
A description of interim protective measures afforded employees until a decision is rendered by the Secretary of Labor; and
A summary of written comments, if any, from interested employees, employee representatives, and occupational safety and health committees.