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    Procedures for Withdrawal of Approval of State Plans
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    1955 Subpart B
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    Notice of Formal Proceeding
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If an administrative law judge deems himself disqualified to preside over a particular proceeding, he shall withdraw by notice on the record directed to the Chief Administrative Law Judge. Any party who deems an administrative law judge, for any reason, to be disqualified to preside, or to continue to preside, over a particular proceeding may file a motion to disqualify and remove the administrative law judge, provided the motion is filed prior to the time the administrative law judge files his decision. Such motion must be supported by affidavits setting forth the alleged ground for disqualification. The Chief Administrative Law Judge shall rule upon the motion.
Contumacious conduct at any proceeding before the administrative law judge shall be ground for summary exclusion from the proceeding. If a witness or party refuses to answer a question after being so directed, or refuses to obey an order to provide or permit discovery, the administrative law judge may make such orders with regard to the refusal as are just and proper, including the striking of all testimony previously given by such witness on related matters.