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    Procedures for the Evaluation and Monitoring of Approved State Plans
  • Subpart:
    1954 Subpart C
  • Subpart Title:
    Complaints About State Program Administration (CASPA)
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    Complaints about State program administration.
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Any interested person or representative of such person or groups of persons may submit a complaint concerning the operation or administration of any aspect of a State plan. The complaint may be submitted orally or in writing to the Assistant Regional Director for Occupational Safety and Health (hereinafter referred to as the Assistant Regional Director) or his representative in the Region where the State is located.


Any such complaint should describe the grounds for the complaint and specify the aspect or aspects of the administration or operation of the plan which is believed to be inadequate. A pattern of delays in processing cases, of inadequate workplace inspections, or the granting of variances without regard to the specifications in the State plans, are examples.


If upon receipt of the complaint, the Assistant Regional Director determines that there are reasonable grounds to believe that an investigation should be made, he shall cause such investigation, including any workplace inspection, to be made as soon as practicable.


In determining whether an investigation shall be conducted and in determining the timing of such investigation, the Assistant Regional Director shall consider such factors as:


The extent to which the complaint affects any substantial number of persons;


The number of complaints received on the same or similar issues and whether the complaints relate to safety and health conditions at a particular establishment;


Whether the complainant has exhausted applicable State remedies; and


The extent to which the subject matter of the complaint is pertinent to the effectuation of Federal policy.