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    Changes to State Plans
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    1953 Subpart A
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OSHA means the Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, or any representative authorized to perform any of the functions discussed in this part, as set out in implementing Instructions.
State means an authorized representative of the agency designated to administer a State plan under § 1902.3(b) of this chapter.
Plan change means any modification made by a State to its approved occupational safety and health State plan which has an impact on the plan's effectiveness.
Plan supplement means all documents necessary to accomplish, implement, describe and evaluate the effectiveness of a change to a State plan which differs from the parallel Federal legislation, regulation, policy or procedure. (This would include a copy of the complete legislation, regulation, policy or procedure adopted; an identification of each of the differences; and an explanation of how each provision is at least as effective as the comparable Federal provision.)
Identical plan change means one in which the State adopts the same program provisions and documentation as the Federal program with the only differences being those modifications necessary to reflect a State's unique structure (e.g., organizational responsibility within a State and corresponding titles or internal State numbering system). Different plan change means one in which the State adopts program provisions and documentation that are not identical as defined in this paragraph.
Developmental change is a change made to a State plan which documents the completion of a program component which was not fully developed at the time of initial plan approval.
Federal program change is a change made to a State plan when OSHA determines that an alteration in the Federal program could render a State program less effective than OSHA's if it is not similarly modified.
Evaluation change is a change made to a State plan when evaluations of a State program show that some substantive aspect of a State plan has an adverse impact on the implementation of the State's program and needs revision.
State-initiated change is a change made to a State plan which is undertaken at a State's option and is not necessitated by Federal requirements.

[67 FR 60126, Sept. 25, 2002]