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    Approved State Plans for Enforcement of State Standards
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    1952 Subpart A
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    Subpart A-List of Approved State Plans for Private-Sector and State and Local Government Employees
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The Michigan State plan received initial approval on October 3, 1973.
OSHA entered into an operational status agreement with Michigan.

Under the terms of the 1978 Court Order in AFL-CIO v. Marshall, compliance staffing levels ("benchmarks") necessary for a "fully effective" enforcement program were required for each State operating an approved State plan. In 1992, Michigan completed, in conjunction with OSHA, a reassessment of the levels initially established in 1980 and proposed revised benchmarks of 56 safety and 45 health compliance officers. After opportunity for public comment and service on the AFL-CIO, the Assistant Secretary approved these revised staffing requirements on April 20, 1995.


The plan covers all private-sector employers and employees, with several notable exceptions, as well as State and local government employers and employees, within the State. For current information on these exceptions and for additional details about the plan, please visit https://www.osha.gov/dcsp/osp/stateprogs/michigan.html.

[80 FR 49906, August 18, 2015]