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    Safety and Health Regulations for Longshoring
  • Subpart:
    1918 Subpart F
  • Subpart Title:
    Vessel's Cargo Handling Gear
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    Cargo winches.
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Moving parts of winches and other deck machinery shall be guarded.
Winches shall not be used if control levers operate with excessive friction or excessive play.
Double gear winches or other winches equipped with a clutch shall not be used unless a positive means of locking the gear shift is provided.
There shall be no load other than the fall and cargo hook assembly on the winch when changing gears on a two-gear winch.
Any defect or malfunction of winches that could endanger employees shall be reported immediately to the officer in charge of the vessel, and the winch shall not be used until the defect or malfunction is corrected.
Temporary seats and shelters for winch drivers that create a hazard to the winch operator or other employees shall not be used.
Except for short handles on wheel type controls, winch drivers shall not be permitted to use winch control extension levers unless they are provided by either the ship or the employer. Such levers shall be of adequate strength and securely fastened with metal connections at the fulcrum and at the permanent control lever.
Extension control levers that tend to fall due to their own weight shall be counterbalanced.
Winch brakes shall be monitored during use. If winch brakes are unable to hold the load, the winch shall be removed from service.
Winches shall not be used when one or more control points, either hoisting or lowering, are not operating properly. Only authorized personnel shall adjust control systems.
When winches are left unattended, control levers shall be placed in the neutral position and the power shall be shut off or control levers shall be locked at the winch or the operating controls.

[62 FR 40101, July 25, 1997]