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    Marine Terminals
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    1917 Subpart F
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    Terminal Facilities
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§ 1917.123 Illumination. (9)

Working and walking areas shall be illuminated. Unless conditions described in the regulations of the United States Coast Guard (33 CFR 126.15(1) and (n), and 33 CFR 154.570) exist in the case of specific operations, illumination in active work areas (for example, cargo transfer points) shall be of an average minimum light intensity of 5 foot-candles. The illumination in other work areas (for example, farm areas) shall be of an average minimum light intensity of 1 foot-candle except for security purposes when a minimum light intensity of 1/2 foot-candle shall be maintained. Where occasional work tasks require more light than that which is consistently and permanently provided, supplemental lighting shall be used.

The lighting intensity shall be measured at the task/working surface, in the plane in which the task/working surface is present.

Lights shall, so far as possible, be placed so that they will not shine in the eyes of employees.

(9) The United States Coast Guard, at 33 CFR 126.15(1) and (n), and 33 CFR 154.570 sets out requirements for illumination at "designated waterfront facilities" and "large oil transfer facilities." (Back to Text)

[48 FR 30909, July 5, 1983; 62 FR 40141, July 25, 1997]