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    Marine Terminals
  • Subpart:
    1917 Subpart F
  • Subpart Title:
    Terminal Facilities
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  • Title:
    Elevators and escalators.
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"Elevator" means a permanent hoisting and lowering mechanism with a car or platform moving vertically in guides and serving two or more floors of a structure. The term excludes such devices as conveyors, tiering or piling machines, material hoists, skip or furnace hoists, wharf ramps, lift bridges, car lifts and dumpers.


"Escalator" means a power-driven continuous moving stairway principally intended for the use of persons.

No elevator or escalator with a defect which affects safety shall be used.
Elevator safety devices shall not be overridden or made inoperable.
Elevators and escalators shall be thoroughly inspected at intervals not exceeding one year. Additional monthly inspections for satisfactory operation shall be conducted by designated persons. Records of the results of the latest annual elevator inspections shall be posted in elevators. Records of annual escalator inspections shall be posted in the vicinity of the escalator or be available at the terminal.
Elevator landing openings shall be provided with doors, gates or equivalent protection which shall be in place when the elevator is not at that landing, to prevent employees from falling into the shaft.
The elevator's or escalator's maximum load limits shall be posted and not exceeded. Elevator load limits shall be posted conspicuously both inside and outside of the car.
Elevators shall be operated only by designated persons except for automatic or door interlocking elevators which provide full shaft door closing and automatic car leveling.

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