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    Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment
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    1915 Subpart I
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    Personal Protective Equipment
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    Positioning device systems.
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Positioning device systems and their use shall conform to the following provisions:;


Criteria for connectors and anchorages.

Connectors shall have a corrosion-resistant finish, and all surfaces and edges shall be smooth to prevent damage to interfacing parts of this system.
Connecting assemblies shall have a minimum tensile strength of 5,000 pounds (22.24 Kn).
Positioning device systems shall be secured to an anchorage capable of supporting at least twice the potential impact load of an employee's fall.
Snaphooks, unless each is of a locking type designed and used to prevent disengagement, shall not be connected to each other. As of January 1, 1998, only locking type snaphooks shall be used in positioning device systems.

Criteria for positioning device systems.

Restraint (tether) lines shall have a minimum breaking strength of 3,000 pounds (13.34 Kn).
The following system performance criteria for positioning device systems are effective November 20, 1996:
A window cleaner's positioning system shall be capable of withstanding without failure a drop test consisting of a 6 foot (1.83 m) drop of a 250-pound (113.4 kg) weight. The system shall limit the initial arresting force to not more than 2,000 pounds (8.9 Kn), with a duration not to exceed 2 milliseconds. The system shall limit any subsequent arresting forces imposed on the falling employee to not more than 1,000 pounds (4.45 Kn);

All other positioning device systems shall be capable of withstanding without failure a drop test consisting of a 4 foot (1.22 m) drop of a 250-pound (113.4 kg) weight.

NOTE TO PARAGRAPH (b)(2) OF THIS SECTION: Positioning device systems which comply with the provisions of section 2 of non-mandatory appendix B to this subpart shall be deemed to meet the requirements of this paragraph (b)(2).


Criteria for the use and care of positioning device systems.

Positioning device systems shall be inspected before each use for mildew, wear, damage, and other deterioration. Defective components shall be removed from service.
A positioning device system or component subjected to impact loading shall be immediately removed from service and shall not be used again for employee protection, unless inspected and determined by a qualified person to be undamaged and suitable for reuse.

Training. Before using a positioning device system, employees shall be trained in the application limits, proper hook-up, anchoring and tie-off techniques, methods of use, inspection, and storage of positioning device systems.

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