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    Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment
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    1915 Subpart H
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    Tools and Related Equipment
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    Portable electric tools.
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The provisions of this section shall apply to ship repairing, shipbuilding and shipbreaking except that paragraph (e) of this section applies to ship repairing only.

The frames of portable electric tools and appliances, except double insulated tools approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, shall be grounded either through a third wire in the cable containing the circuit conductors or through a separate wire which is grounded at the source of the current.
Grounding circuits, other than by means of the structure of the vessel on which the tool is being used, shall be checked to ensure that the circuit between the ground and the grounded power conductor has resistance which is low enough to permit sufficient current to flow to cause the fuse or circuit breaker to interrupt the current.
Portable electric tools which are held in the hand shall be equipped with switches of a type which must be manually held in the closed position.
Worn or frayed electric cables shall not be used.
The employer shall notify the officer in charge of the vessel before using electric power tools operated with the vessel's current.