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    Occupational Safety and Health Standards for Shipyard Employment
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    1915 Subpart G
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    Gear and Equipment for Rigging and Materials Handling
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    Hoisting and hauling equipment.
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The provisions of this section shall apply to ship repairing, shipbuilding and shipbreaking.


Derrick and crane certification.


Derricks and cranes which are part of, or regularly placed aboard barges, other vessels, or on wingwalls of floating drydocks, and are used to transfer materials or equipment from or to a vessel or drydock, shall be tested and certificated in accordance with the standards provided in part 1919 of this title by persons accredited for the purpose.

The moving parts of hoisting and hauling equipment shall be guarded.

Mobile crawler or truck cranes used on a vessel.

The maximum manufacturer's rated safe working loads for the various working radii of the boom and the maximum and minimum radii at which the boom may be safely used with and without outriggers shall be conspicuously posted near the controls and shall be visible to the operator. A radius indicator shall be provided.
The posted safe working loads of mobile crawler or truck cranes under the conditions of use shall not be exceeded.
Accessible areas within the swing radius of the outermost part of the body of a revolving derrick or crane, whether permanently or temporarily mounted, shall be guarded in such a manner as to prevent an employee from being in such a position as to be struck by the crane or caught between the crane and fixed parts of the vessel or of the crane itself.

Marine railways.


The cradle or carriage on the marine railway shall be positively blocked or secured when in the hauled position to prevent it from being accidentally released.

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