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    National Advisory Committee on Occupational Safety and Health
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    Contents of notice.
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Notices of meetings shall describe fully or summarize adequately the agenda.
The notice shall announce that the meeting is open to the public.
The notice shall indicate that interested persons have an opportunity to file statements in written form with the Committee. The notice shall specify when the statements are to be filed with the Committee.
In the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting, oral statements may be made before the Committee by interested persons after taking into consideration the number of persons in attendance, the nature and extent of their proposed individual participation, and the time, resources, and facilities available to the Committee. As a general policy, time for such presentations will be made available only at subcommittee meetings. The time for a meeting of the full committee does not normally permit the reception of such presentations without substantially intruding upon the frequently limited time that the members may be able to devote to the meeting. The person calling the meeting may provide in the notice of the meeting that summaries of any proposed oral presentations be filed in advance of the meeting.